2100P IS Portable Turbidimeter


2100P IS Portable Turbidimeter
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The 2100P IS Portable Turbidity Meter gives you lab quality results in a portable unit. Meets EN ISO 7027. Turbidity range: 0 to 1000 NTU. Microprocessor-controlled adjustment of calibration curve. No potentiometers to adjust. Compensates for fluctuations in readings caused by movement of large particles in the light path. Electronic zeroing: compensates for electronic and optical offsets. No manual adjustments are required. Direct digital readout in NTU. Comes with six sample cells, 4 sealed vials of StablCal Primary Turbidity Standards (<0.1, 20, 100, and 800 NTU), Secondary Gelex Turbidity Standards, silicone oil and oiling cloth.

  • Selectable signal averaging mode compensates for fluctuations in readings
  • Pre-programmed calibration procedure
  • Meets or exceeds ISO 7027 Turbidity Measurement Standards
  • Two-year warranty

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