EZ1006 Free Chlorine Analyser, 1 stream, Modbus RS485

EZ1006 Free Chlorine Analyser, 1 stream, Modbus RS485
Product #: EZ1006.99001C02
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Alarm: 1 x malfunctioning, 4 x user-configurable, max. 24 VDC/0.5 A, potential free contacts
Ambient Temperature: 10 - 30 °C ± 4 °C deviation at 5 - 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Calibration: Automatic, 2-point; frequency freely programmable
Certifications: CE compliant / UL certified
Cycle Time: 6 min (dilution + 5 min.)
Digital outputs: Modbus RS485
Dimensions (H x W x D): 690 mm x 465 mm x 330 mm
Drain: Atmospheric pressure, vented, min. Ø 64 mm
Exceedance Tracking: Dry and clean earth pole with low impedance (< 1 Ohm) using an earth cable of > 2.5 mm²
Instrument air: Dry and oil free according to ISA-S7.0.01-1996 quality standard for instrument air
Interferences: Oxidants like Bromine, Bromamine, Copper Cu(II) >8 mg/L, Chromate, Hydrogen peroxide, Iodine, Iodoamines, Iron Fe(III) >20 mg/L, Nitrite, Ozone and Manganese may oxidize the DPD colour solution.
Iodide and Bromide will interfere with determination of free Chlorine.
Reduced forms of these components – Chloride, Manganous ion Mn(II) and Oxygen – do not interfere.
Organic contaminants may produce a false Free chlorine reading.
Chlorine dioxide will be detected as Total Chlorine.
Reducing agents such as Ferrous compounds, Hydrogen, Sulphide and oxidizable organic matter generally do not interfere.
Large amounts of colour and turbidity interfere. Fats, oil, proteins, surfactants and tar.
Lower Limit of Detection (LOD): ≤ 10 µg/L
Material: Hinged part: Thermoform ABS, door: plexiglass
Wall section: galvanised steel, powder coated
Measurement method: Colorimetric measurement at 510 nm using DPD, conform with standard method ASTM 4500-Cl-G
Number of sample streams: 1 stream
Output: Modbus RS485
Optional: max. 8 active 4 - 20 mA max. 500 Ohm load outputs, RS232, Modbus TCP/IP
Parameter: Free Chlorine
Power: 110 - 240 VAC, 4 A, 50/60 Hz
Max. power consumption: 150 VA
Precision: Better than 2% full scale range for standard test solutions
Protection Class: Analyser cabinet: IP55 / Panel PC: IP66
Range: 0 - 1.5 mg/L Cl2

0 - 150 µg/L
0 - 375 µg/L
0 - 750 µg/L
0 - 6 mg/L (with internal dilution)
0 - 12 mg/L (with internal dilution)
0 - 150 mg/L (with internal dilution)
Reagent Requirements: Keep refrigerated.
Sample Flow Rate: 100 - 300 mL/min
Sample Pressure: By external overflow vessel
Sample Quality: Maximum particle size 100 µm, < 0.1 g/L; Turbidity < 50 NTU
Sample Temperature: 10 - 30 °C
Validation: Automatic; frequency freely programmable
Warranty: 1 year
Weight: 25 kg