EZ3018 Sulphide Analyser, 1 stream, Modbus RS485

Product #: EZ3018.99001C02
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Online ion-selective Sulphide measurements in industrial and environmental applications

ISE technology for optimal analytical performance
With limited maintenance requirements and reduced reagent consumption, the EZ3000 Series are the ideal choice for a wide range of water monitoring applications where ion-selective electrodes are the preferred analytical technique. Outstanding precision and stability is guaranteed by the temperaturecontrolled measurement.

Direct, discontinuous ISE method
Contrary to separate electrodes or other analysers in the market, the EZ3000 Series does not run a continuous measurement. The principle of discontinuous ISE analysis not only enhances control over conversion of ion activity to electric potential, it also eliminates risk of cross-contamination between cycles and reduces overall consumption of reagents.

The EZ3000 Series combine unique ISE technology with a set of analysis, control and communication features in an industrial analyser mainframe with designed for the highest performance:
- Automatic direct ion-selective measurements
- Smart automatic features
- Control and communication via industrial panel PC
- Standard 4 - 20 mA signal output with alarm processing
- Communication ports supporting connectivity to Modbus
- Multiple stream analysis
- Reduced reagent consumption

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