Filter Funnel Assy, Microfunnel, pk/50

Product #: 2831500
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Test any aqueous solution for microbial contamination using MicroFunnel filter funnels using the Membrane Filter (MF) Technique. Convenient and ready to use, these disposable filter funnels increase the productivity and efficiency of busy laboratories that do not have time to clean and sterilize reusable hardware.

Feature a completely assembled filtration unit: Funnel, filter, nutrient pad and petri dish. Filter: GN-6 Metricel with 0.45 µm pore size and 47 mm diameter; white, gridded surface. Funnel: Polypropylene Petri Dish: polystyrene lid and polypropylene base Nutrient Pad: Cellulose. Fits 2831600, 2486100 and 2486150 manifolds. Sterile and individually bagged.