GuardianBlue Verification Kit

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This portable, convenient kit can be used to verify GuardianBlue instrumentation before OR after an event. The kit contains supplies to measure parameters for emergency response purposes, including: free/total chlorine, hardness, alkalinity, cyanide, toxicity, conductivity, pH, arsenic, and radiation. The GuardianBlue Verification Kit is expandable and versatile as it contains the DR 900 Colorimeter, 2100Q Turbidimeter, Inspector Alert Handheld Radiation Monitor, and HQ40d Multi Portable Meter.

  • Hach DR 900 Colorimeter
  • 2100Q Portable Turbidimeter
  • Inspector Alert Handheld Nuclear Radiation Monitor
  • HQ40d Multiparamater Portable Meter with pH Liquid Probe & Conductivity Probe
  • Portable and convenient

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