Lab Stirrer, 4-Paddle Jar Tester with 2L Beakers

Lab Stirrer, 4-Paddle Jar Tester with 2L Beakers
Product #: 2631740
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High accuracy and repeatability

PB Jar Testers utilize four operator-programmable memory banks

Quality craftmanship

Built on a powder-coated steel uni-frame chassis

Versatile programming

Each memory bank can be run independently in any one of the memories, continuously, at a selected speed or automatic transitionin from a fast mix/short run to a slow mix/long run, or any combination or speeds and times desired to replicate actual plant conditions and operation

Long Lasting LED Illuminator

Provides reliable, diffused sample illumination

CE certified

Operates on 24VDC with a power supply that works with 100 to 240VAC electrical sources.

What's in the box?

Includes: 4 2L square acrylic jars, dust cover, power supply and power cords.


Number of Paddles: 4
Options: 2L Square Beakers
Quantity: 1 each
Warranty: 1 year
Weight: 16.7 kg