PS200 Blow Back Filter with filter mesh of 25 µm

PS200 Blow Back Filter with filter mesh of 25 µm
Product #: 4200-1004
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The self-cleaning PS 200 Blow Back Filter protects on-line analyzers by filtering floating particles from the sample solution. The blow back sequence can be operated manually or is controlled by the autoTOC 1950plus TOC analyzer. The programmable control periodically shuts off the sample flow to the analyzer and applies compressed air in the opposite direction (blow back) to flush debris from the filter.
Manual switch and programmable time (incorporated in autoTOC 1950plus) for control of blow back duty cycle. The sample pressure range is 10-87 psi (70-600 kPa). The bypass sample press is 8" head of water (2 kPa) maximum. Sample pipe, filter and filter tube are 316 stainless steel.
Choice of 1" MNPT pipe (standard), 1" union fittings or 1" flange (optional) for easy in-line connection with main sample line.

  • Self-cleaning
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Mounts and clamps of plated carbon steel
  • Select control of blow back duty cycle
  • Stainless steel components