Sartorius Combisart® 6-Place System

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The Sartorius Combisart® system features a stainless steel manifold designed along with six 500 mL stainless steel funnels and all the necessary connections.
A special feature of the Combisart® manifold are the stainless steel three-way valves (taps). They allow the vacuum for each filter holder to be individually controlled and each filter station to be sterilely vented. This rules out secondary contamination of the underside of the filter.
Sterile venting of each membrane after filtration, and sterilization acc. to ISO 8199. Special polished stainless steel surfaces allow easy cleaning & rinsing.
Filtration of up to 3 samples in parallel. Easy pouring out of non-filterable samples. Equally easy for right-hand and left-handed users.
Maximum Flexibility due to different set-ups. Space-saving in the autoclave. Low height is advantageous for working on a clean bench.
Made of stainless steel 304 for a long lifecycle.
Note: image may show the 3-place manifold system, PN 2519701.

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