IO9000 Module

• IO9004 analogue 0/4-20 mA outputs and inputs
The IO9004 provides 3 analogue 0/4-20 mA outputs and 2 analogue 0/4-20mA inputs. The outputs provide communication to SCADA systems of sample events or logged data. The inputs can be used to incorporate outside measurements into the sampler application such as triggering a sample from existing water quality sensors or flow meters. The AS950’s standard memory can log any of these inputs.

• IO9001 or IO9004 high-voltage relays and digital inputs/outputs
The IO9004 contains 4 high voltage relay outputs and the IO9001 contains one. These relays are used to indicate alarms or events and can also be programmed to switch AC mains line voltage to control higher power functions. Examples for use are for a warning light or sound signal, switching a diversion valve or gate or a control signal to another machine. Additionally, the IO9004 contains 4 digital inputs and outputs which allow event-based control from/to SCADA systems and PLCs.
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