SP510 Hardness Monitor

The Hach SP510 Hardness Monitor continuously monitors water systems to provide an alarm when total hardness exceeds a pre-set limit (eight alarms are available). By performing an analysis every two minutes, the SP510 monitor can establish an automatic or semi-automatic system for water softener regeneration in a variety of commercial or industrial applications.

The SP510 monitor detects hardness breakthrough when the capacity of a water softener is exhausted, immediately signaling the need for regeneration.

The case of the SP510 is made of ABS plastic which is lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and shatterproof. This sealed case is IP62-rated and has a hinged door that allows for easy access to internal components. All electronic circuits are isolated from the hydraulics compartment.

The SP510 monitor is designed for continuous, unattended use. It is virtually maintenance-free, requiring only about 15 minutes every two months to replenish and standardize the reagents.

• Continuous hardness detection
• Simple to read and use
• Rugged, lightweight, and self-contained
• Making water softening systems cost-efficient
• Low maintenance requirements
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