Flow Injection Analysis (FIA)

Flow Injection Analysis (FIA)
Flow Injection Analysis (FIA)
What is FIA? Flow injection analysis (FIA), is a technique for automated, wet‐chemical analysis. The methodology used by the flow injection analyzer is similar to that used by other continuous flow auto analyzers, which share continuously flowing reagent streams, reaction 'manifolds', and flow‐through detectors. FIA is used in labs where the amount of testing needed is too high for manual methods.

Advantages of FIA Technology
• Flexible tubing: FIA manifolds use flexible PFTE tubing. This tubing does not break, and is very easy (and inexpensive) to replace if required. Manifolds can be changed easily.
• Rapid Start‐up
• No Carryover FIA analyses produce well‐defined peaks and complete return to baseline between injections.
• Analyze Standards High to Low
• Accurate quantitation: Peak area, rather than peak height, is used for quantitation.
• Precision of Sample Delivery: FIA utilizes injection valve methodology for reproducible sample injection.
• Flexibility: FIA methods can be used for both fast reactions and slow reactions. For typical analytes commonly measured with FIA (e.g. nitrite, nitrate, ammonia, phosphate) throughputs of 60‐120 samples per hour per channel are typical
• Proven Methods: Available for DW, WW Brackish and sea water, soil extracts and more!

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