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You work hard to deliver a high performing well, so why let the quality of your water jeopardize it all? Let Hach show you how onsite water analysis adds up to improved performance and significant savings.

With more than 60 years as the leading expert in water quality analysis, you can trust Hach to provide solutions to treat flowback and process water.


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Offering on-site results in an easy-to-use, rugged, portable lab, Hach’s Hydraulic Fracturing Water Analysis kits cover parameters critical to water analysis in oil and gas applications, including source water, fracturing fluid, produced water, flowback water, water treatment, drilling fluids, and enhanced oil recovery.

CEL Hydraulic Fracturing Water Analysis Kit
DREL Hydraulic Fracturing Water Analysis Lab
Laboratory work place for Hydraulic Fracturing

Handbook & Technical Papers  

Hach Method #10266 Colorimetric Determination of Phenol - Download

A side by side comparison of ERP Method 420.7 and Hach Method 10266.

Hydraulic Fracturing Water Analysis Handbook - Download
This manual is made up of test procedures and additional explanatory notes for testing of oil and gas field waters. The first part of the manual contains the test procedure documents. Explanatory documents are found in the second part of the manual.

Hach Biological Activity Reaction Tests (BARTs) Application Note - Download
Analysis of bacteria levels using Hach BARTs provides operators with rapid information about the potential impact of corrosion and bio-fouling that may be taking place as a result of microbial growth in water used to forumalatethe fracturing fluids. Having access to this critical information allows operators to react quickly to mitigate these harmful effects before they cause serious damage.

Simplified High Range Chloride Measurement In Hydraulic Fracturing Applications Application Note - Download
The Hach IntelliCAL™ Chloride Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) allows operators to easily obtain real-time Chloride values.

High Range Sulfide Measurement for Oil and Gas Field Waters with Hach's Methylene Blue Method -Download
Hydrogen sulfide must be carefully monitored to avoid serious safety, corrosion, and well souring issues that can cost involved parties millions of dollars in lost productivity and capital. Hach has made improvements to hydrogen sulfide measurement making it easy to perform by non-technical operators in the field.