Hach BioTector B7000 TOC/TN/TP Analyser

A single analyser for Carbon contamination and Nitrogen/Phosphorus nutrient levels in water
Contamination levels in water impact treatment and re-use decisions. With data on contamination plus nutrient levels water managers can make the most efficient and cost-effective decisions for treatment and reuse of important water supplies.

• Improve treatment and re-use decisions with accurate and complete water quality
• Reduce costs on nutrient dosing while protecting critical treatment facilities with accurate C:N:P ratios
• Spend more time managing the plant and less time collecting data with a robust, industrially designed online analyser to monitor TOC, TN, and TP parameters
• Detect product loss quickly to save valuable product, and minimise risk of noncompliance by preventing excessive contamination releases to the wastewater treatment plant
The Hach TOC analyser completes a full breakdown of each process sample to deliver trusted results.

Improve wastewater treatment process
Capture changes in water quality with a direct analysis of Total Organic Carbon (contamination), Total Nitrogen and Total Phosphorus in the most challenging samples.

Reduce the environmental footprint
Comprehensive information about your incoming sample composition enables improved process control. Knowing TOC + TN and TP allows you to decrease utilities usage and related costs. Optimised processes will reduce effluent environmental impact and minimise the risks of fines and reputation damage.

Protect your WWTP and WWRP
TOC is commonly used as a fast, reliable water analysis metric for water quality. TOC levels are often correlated to lagging water quality metrics such as Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD).

Superior reliability
With a certified 99.86% uptime critical process information is available when you need it most. Maintenance in most applications is done 2x per year.
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