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Hach Ultra Unites with Hach Company

Hach Ultra and Hach are now one company, giving our customers a single point of contact for expertise in particle counting for the Offshore Environment. The Hach team now offers HIAC brand liquid particle counting on hydraulics for top side and sub sea equipment and produced chemicals and umbilical manufacturers. In addition the Orbisphere brand dissolved gas analyzers for partcle counting and aqueous O2 analysis on injection water. The Hach Ultra resources now under Hach provide our customers with enhanced local sales and service support and a superior ability to serve our customers.

Particle Counting Products  

Hydraulics for Top Side and Sub Sea Equipment

HIAC PODS, Portable Oil Diagnostic System

HIAC PODS Set, Portable OPC, Viscosity, Temp

  • Performs in harsh environments, monitoring hydraulic and lubricating fluids
  • Calibrate to full ISO 11171 standards
  • Tested to US Navy standards
  • Specified as the standard for hydraulic analysis

HIAC GlyCount, Glycol Liquid Particle Counter

HIAC GlyCount, Glycol Liquid Particle Counter

  • Calibrate to full ISO 11171 standardsMeasures, stores, and reports glycol fluid cleanliness in a fraction of the time needed for traditional analysis methods
  • Compatible with Transaqua HT, Oceanic HW540 & HW443 and Pelagic 100
  • Efficient and intuitive to use
  • Immediate laboratory-quality on-site results

Produced Chemicals

HIAC 8011, Liquid Particle Counting System

HIAC 8011, Liquid Particle Counting System

  • Provides immediate particle concentration data for low and high viscosity fluids
  • 0.5-600 micron application range
  • Supports ISO 4406, ISO 11171, NAS 1638 and user-defined standards
  • Sampling time < 1 minute with count repeatability < 5%

Dissolved Oxygen Analysis in Injection Water

Orbisphere 3660EX (ATEX cert.), O2 Controller

3660EX Orbisphere (ATEX cert.), O<sub>₂</sub> Controller

  • Measure oxygen, ozone, or hydrogen inline hazardous chemical environments
  • Rugged system for consistent and accurate measurements
  • Display in hazardous environment or 1000 m away from the sensor