Digital Learning: Beverage Library Plant for 10 Users

Digital Learning: Beverage Library Plant for 10 Users
Product #: DL-BEV-PLANT
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These online courses, videos, and job aid documents provide detailed instruction on accurate water quality analysis for the beverage industry.

These courses are practical based courses. We go in detail in practical things. We give answers to:

- how to store a pH electrode
- how to recognize wrong pH calibration
- how to treat a drifting pH electrode
- how to measure chlorine, knowing the chemistry
- how to take a sample containing chlorine
- calibrating a conductometry probe
- best practices in measuring Iron
- CL17 operations and replacement of chemicals

Included in this Beverage Library:
• 10 technical courses covering topics on parameters, instruments, and technology. pH, conductivity, turbidity (lab/process), hardness, iron, colorimetry, chlorine lab and process (CL17), ozone
• 8 how-to instruction videos
• 3 pH job aids