AN-ISE sc Combination Sensor for Ammonium and Nitrate

AN-ISE sc Combination Sensor for Ammonium and Nitrate
Product #: LXV440.99.00002
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Accurate results for ammonium and nitrate

Looking for new ways to stretch money and reduce consumable cost? We have the perfect solution for you! Our new combination sensor with ion-selective electrode (ISE) technology was developed to measure both NH4 and NO3 at the same spot. What is unique? The most significant interferences of K and Cl are simultaneously compensated by integrated ISE electrodes, ensuring accurate results 24h/7days.

Easy handling with Cartrical cartridge plus

The compact Cartrical cartridge contains four electrodes which are calibrated to each other before leaving the factory. Through the newly developed Cartrical plus technology, the factory calibration is automatically identified after replacing the cartridge. The compact design does away with tiresome handling and adjustment of individual electrodes: just unscrew the old cartridge, plug in the new one and the sensor is immediately ready to measure.

Simple and intuitive operation

With a menu-guided operation and step-by-step guide with clear text, the combination AN-ISE sc sensor is very easy to use. It works directly with every sc controller without complicated wiring or set up procedures: just plug and play. The common sc controller platform allows intuitive usage not only for ammonium and nitrate but also for other parameters like pH, DO, etc.

Always under control

In combination with an SC1000 controller alert messages from AN-ISE sc sensor can be transmitted to the control room or by SMS / e-mail to a mobile phone. By this you are always informed about the status of your processes, early enough to react quickly.

Rely on Hach's application know how

You can trust our ISE experience gathered in many wastewater applications around the world. Based on this we have developed the next ISE generation to fulfill your requirements even better. Our application team is always close by.

What's in the box?

Ammonium & Nitrate probe, sensor cartridge, user manual


Accuracy: 5 % of measured value +0.2 mg/l (with standard solutions) NH4–N and NO3-N
Cable Length: 10 m (32.8 ft) fixed cable at sensor, available up to 100 m
Calibration Method: With Cartrical plus technology: automatic import of factory calibration data from cartridge to probe by RFID; 1 and 2 point matrix correction
Controller Compatibility: SC200, SC1000
Data Transfer: Current output, relays and bus communication via SC controller
Flow: < 4 m/s max. velocity
Includes: Ammonium & Nitrate probe, sensor cartridge, user manual
Installation Angle: 45 ° ± 15 ° (vertical in flow direction)
Length: 320 mm
Lower Limit of Detection (LOD): 0.2 mg/L NH4–N and NO3-N
Material: Cartridge: stainless steel (1.4571), PVC, POM, ABS, NBR
Cleaning unit: TPE, PUR, stainless steel (1.4571)
Sensor: stainless steel (1.4571), ASA + PC, silicon, PVC and PU
Measurement method: Potentiometric ion-selective electrodes for ammonium, potassium, nitrate and chloride, reference system and temperature sensor
Measuring Interval: Continuous
Measuring Principle: Ion-selective electrodes for ammonium and potassium, pHD reference electrode and temperature sensor
Measuring uncertainty: ± 5 % + 0.2 mg/L (with standard solution) NH4-N and NO3-N
Operating Temperature Range: Air: -20 - 45 °C (-4 - 113 °F)
Parameter: NH4-N and NO3-N
pH Range: 5 - 9 pH
Process Connection: 1 inch thread
Protection Class: IP68
Range: 0 - 1000 mg/L NH4-N
0 - 1000 mg/L NO3-N
0 - 1000 mg/L K+
0 - 1000 mg/L Cl-
Repeatability: ± 5 % of the measured value (with standard solution)+ 0.2 mg/L NH4-N and NO3-N
Response Time: < 3 min
Sample Pressure: 0.3 bar max.
Sample Temperature: 2 - 40°C (35.6 - 104°F)
Sensor Cartridge: With Cartrical plus technology: compact housing containing calibrated electrodes for ammonium, potassium, nitrate and chloride, reference system and temperature sensor, all calibrated to each other; typical lifetime 12 months
Sensor Immersion Depth: 0.3 - 3.0 m
max. 0.3 bar (4.4 psi) pressure
Storage conditions: 5 to 40 °C (41 to 104 °F) sensor cartridge
Weight: 2.38 kg