Ball Float Mount Kit

Ball Float Mount Kit
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Method of Detection

The HACH LDO sensor is coated with a luminescent material. Blue light from an LED is transmitted to the sensor surface. The blue light excites the luminescent material. As the material relaxes it emits red light. The time for the red light to be emitted i

Accuracy and Speed

The sensor is unaffected by pH swings, hydrogen sulfide, wastewater chemicals, heavy metals, or organic build-up on the sensor. Warm-up time is unnecessary so the analyzer can start measuring within 30 seconds of when itΓÇÖs turned on.

Simple Installation and Maintenance

The HACH LDO probe can be installed with a choice of pole or ball-float mounting kits. The probe has only one inexpensive replacement partΓÇöthe sensor cap that is simple to replace. The sensor cap is warranted for one year. The probe is warranted for thr


Aeration TanksΓÇöAdequate dissolved oxygen levels in aeration basins are required for microorganisms to remain viable. The HACH LDO probe can be used with a variable frequency drive or PLC control system to control the amount of oxygen bei


Special Notes: Composition:
Pole kit (2.3 m pipe, float, screw cap, etc.)
Pivoting and swiveling bracket (276G1200)
Special notes: for use in tanks or open channels with variable water levels