Our Family of Brands

For over 80 years Hach’s growth is due in part to the addition of some of the leaders in water quality to our family. These brands have helped Hach provide best-in-class products, leverage industry leading experts, and provide local support to customers around the world.

Product Brands:
Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analyzers for ultrapure water applications.
Online analysers utilising 1 instrument and 5 technologies to measure 100+ parameters from Aluminium to Zinc.
Sensors for measuring pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, chlorine etc.
Flow injection analysis and ion chromatography solutions for ion analysis requirements.
Homeland Security
Water quality and security from source to tap.
Dry reagent chemical test strips (AquaChek, SteriChek).
Patented technology for online organics measurement providing maximum uptime and reliability.

Danaher Water Quality Platform:

Through a series of strategic acquisitions, Danaher Corporation has formed a diverse portfolio of water quality companies that—as a united platform—can significantly impact the way its customers approach water.

Collectively, we deliver precision instrumentation and advanced purification technology to help analyze, treat and manage the world’s water, from municipal and wastewater treatment facilities to lakes, streams and oceans.

Leading development of ultraviolet (UV) light, filtration and chemical water treatment
solution for water, wastewater, soil and air.
Submerged AV, open-channel wastewater flow meters.
Patented filter technology removes particles from municipal and industrial process water.
Patented filter technology designed to remove particles from municipal and industrial water process.
Systems built for the purpose of the marine environment and provide filtration + ultraviolet disinfection in a single, compact unit.
Developing systems that are focused on disinfecting water in homes, apartment complexes, manufacturing facilities, campgrounds, resorts, hotels and hospitals.

Environmental water quality monitoring solutions
Multiprobes and displays for environmental water quality monitoring.
Instruments for long term deployment and in situ nutrient monitoring in coastal and inland locations.
Instruments and platforms for the measurement of oceanographic parameters in the marine environment.
Sensors and systems for oceanographic research and environmental water quality monitoring.

Comprehensive water treatment solutions for industrial systems.

Flow meters, data, and analysis for responsible and efficient water management.

Membrane solutions for municipal water producers.