Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) TNTplus Vial Test, HR (20-1,500 mg/L COD), 25 Tests

Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) TNTplus Vial Test, HR (20-1,500 mg/L COD), 25 Tests
Product #: TNT822
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Easy and safe handling

The innovative vial and reagent delivery makes tests easier to use than powder pillows or liquid reagents and significantly reduces spillage or contamination risk.

No reagent blank necessary

The high quality of TNTplus vials, tight reagent production controls, instrument calibration verification, and high instrument stability all combine to eliminate the need to run reagent blanks—saving you time and money!

Lot after lot - Be Right

Truecal with each vial includes the calibration data for each individual lot, reducing variation in results. This allows you to meet reporting standards and to perform proficiency testing with higher confidence.

Automatic method detection

The bar-coded vials allow for automatic method detection and measurement by the spectrophotometer, considerably increasing the speed of analysis. Errors are reduced as instrument averages 10 readings and rejects outliers from scratched, flawed, or dirty glassware.

Documented shelf life and COA

New 2D barcode details batch number and expiry date of reagents, which are documented along with the measurement result. An automatic warning is issued if expiry date has passed. Lot specific information (COA) is available on RFID tag on the box.


Digestion Required: Yes
EPA compliant: Yes
Instrument: DR3900, DR6000, DR1900, DR2800, DR3800, DR5000
Method: 8000
Method Name: Reactor Digestion
Number of tests: 25
Parameter: COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand)
Platform : TNT plus
Range: 20-1,500 COD
  20 - 1500 mg/L COD
Shelf Life: 59 months from production date
Truecal: Yes