Hach's Easy Chemistry - Phosphorus

Phosphorus effluent concentrations are often controlled by discharge permits to limit addition of nutrients to the receiving body. Phosphate is removed via biological nutrient removal processes and/or chemical precipitation. Reactive (ortho) phosphate is the phosphorus form that is most available to biological species. Total Phosphate includes orth-, poly-, and organic forms.

Hach’s Phosphorus Methods

Reactive Phosphorus (Orthophosphate)
10214: Molybdovanadate Method
10209: Low Range
10209: High Range
10209: Ultra-high Range

Total Phosphorus
10210: Low Range
10210: High Range
10210: Ultra-High Range

More about Hach Methods

One-Button Analysis with DR Spectrophotometers

TNTplus™ technology works exclusively with the Hach DR Family of Spectrophotometers (DR 2800™, DR 3900™, and DR 6000™). The chemistry vials require no preparation or glassware and enable the spectrophotometer to automatically recognize the testing method, eliminating the need to pre-program or create calibration curves. No blank is required, further reducing expense.

Spectrophotometer Selection Guide

TNTplus™ Data Sheet

Phosphorus TNTplus