Introduction to Chlorine (Cl₂) Online Course

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What happens when chlorine is added to water? Chlorine reacts with water and reacts with ammonium. There is a difference between free chlorine and total Chlorine. Chlorine is dangerous, and the risks are discussed. DE chlorination can be done with several techniques. Water disinfection with chlorine has benefits, but also limitations. Discover what kind of benefits.
Adding chlorine to water you can have a so-called Breakpoint chlorination point. This process and how you can recognise it are discussed.
You can measure chlorine with colorimetry, titration, and amperometry. Chemicals like DPD, Indophenol, or Iodine are used. Measuring DO with electrodes is developed since early 2000. Learn about Chlorine within 30 minutes and discover how you can measure it.