LuminUltra Photonmaster Luminometer with Photonmaster Bluetooth Module

LuminUltra Photonmaster Luminometer with Photonmaster Bluetooth Module
Product #: EQP-PBM-PAC
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Detect total active microorganisms in any type of sample

Microbiological risks come in many shapes and sizes. Traditional reference methods tell only a part of the story because they detect only a fraction of the population. 2nd Generation ATP testing systems overcome this limitation to give you a first line of defense in microbial control issues in any application and for any type of sample! This product requires a LuminUltra test kit to measure ATP; select the test kit appropriate for your application.

Results in minutes - not hours or days - for real-time results

Testing is easy – just follow the quick-reference guide included with each test kit. Once the sample is prepared, actionable results are available on-the-spot. Rapid data means fast decisions and quick positive outcomes from your instrument and testing investment.

Simple and straightforward testing procedure to minimize errors and take action in real-time

The PhotonMaster luminometer is incredibly easy to use; no special training is required to operate the unit. Data can be generated on-board via the PBM’s easy-to-use interface or via the soon-to-be-released LuminUltra Cloud mobile app. LuminUltra Cloud maximizes the capabilities of the PhotonMaster and is designed to help you manage and render immediate value from your data.

Lab or field operable for maximum flexibility

The PhotonMaster is lightweight, compact, and has few moving parts. The supplied field case, tote bag, and test tube racks keep everything in its place and protected during transport and field use – you just supply the laptop! No field notebooks required – results are stored automatically. The small footprint uses minimal bench space, and simple USB power means no power cords

What's in the box?

• LuminUltra PhotonMaster Luminometer
• USB Cable (built-in)
• Micropipettors (0.1mL, 0.3mL, and 1.0mL)
• Test tube racks for reagent tubes and luminometer cuvettes
• Rugged field case with protective inserts
• Tote bag for testing consumables