MET ONE 6000P Series, Remote Air Particle Counter

Product #: 2088615-PF-EA
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The MET ONE 6000P series remote airborne particle counter offers accurate and reliable continuous particle monitoring with a built in vacuum pump which eliminates expensive, contamination carrying, central vacuum systems. With 0.5um sensitivity, either 2 or 4 count channels (at 1.0 CFM), a micro-processor controlled vacuum pump, the MET ONE 6000P series is designed to meet the specific particle counting needs of cleanroom operations within the pharmaceutical, semiconductor, aerospace, hard disk drive and flat panel display industries.

  • Micro-processor controlled integrated vacuum pump
  • Industry leading particle counting on-line reliability
  • Easy to integrate with any facility monitoring system
  • Flexible for all your remote air particle counter applications
  • Built-in DP sensor controlled vacuum pump