MET ONE 7000 Series, Remote Air Particle Counters

Product #: 2088705-NN-WA-J
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The MET ONE 7000 series remote airborne particle counters offer accurate and reliable continuous particle monitoring in a sealed stainless steel enclosure to withstand Pharmceutical sterilizations procedures. Designed to meet the new rigorous calibration standard ISO 21501, the MET ONE 7000 series delivers superior count accuracy of the EC/FDA regulated 0.5 and 5.0 non-viable particles in aseptic and sterile pharmaceutical production environments.

  • Sealed stainless steel enclosure with liquid proof connectors and integrated vacuum shutoff valve
  • Industry leading particle counting on-line reliability
  • Easy to integrate with any facility monitoring system
  • Flexible for all your remote air particle counter applications
  • Protected Sensor