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Application Notes Type Language Size Date Edition
Pairing Digital Flow Sensors with the Hach AS950 Automatic Sampler
  English US 650 KB 2017-04 Apr16
Hach LDO® for Manganese Monitoring and Control in Drinking Water Treatment Operations
  English US 739 KB 2013-11 Ed1
Temperature Compensation with pH Measurement
  English US 524 KB 2013-08 Ed1

Datasheets/Brochures Type Language Size Date Edition
Hach FL900 Series Flow Logger
  English US 1 MB 2019-02 Jan19
Hach Sigma 920 Flow Meter Data Sheet
  English US 148 KB 2009-12 Rev 2
Hach Submerged Area Velocity Flow Meter
  English US 549 KB 2016-03 Mar16

Engineering/Tender Documents Type Language Size Date Edition
HACH sc200 Controller CSI Specification
MS Word Doc
  English US 30 KB 2015-08
Hach sc200 CSI Specification PDF
PDF Document
  English US 195 KB 2015-08
C1D2 sc Sensor Control Drawing
  English US 162 KB 2013-04 D

Manuals Type Language Size Date Edition
AV9000 Module for Flow Loggger-User Instructions
  English US, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese 693 KB 2011-08
SIGMA Models 910 & 920 Flow Meters Instrument Manual
  English US 916 KB 2008-11 Ed 11
pH-ORP-LCP Analog Sensor User Manual
  English US, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai 3 MB 2012-04 Ed 3

Methods/Procedures Type Language Size Date Edition
Hach Method 10258: Determination of Turbidity by 360° NEPHELOMETRY
  English US 100 KB 2018-12 Rev 2.0

Other Type Language Size Date Edition
GSA Supply Schedule
  English US 100 KB 2016-11

Software/Firmware Type Language Size Date Edition
Hach FH950 Portable Flow Meter
  English UK, English US 1 MB 2019-03
Hach sc200 Universal Controller
  English UK, English US 2 MB 2019-03
Hach Multidevice DTM for sc200 Controller and Instructions
  English US 10 MB 2013-10 Version 1

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