Hach Technical Training Center (HTTC)

Where participants from all professional backgrounds can benefit from educational, hands-on experience.

Anyone can push buttons on an instrument. But a guided exploration of the "why" behind analytical routines can help operators build greater confidence in their understanding of the instrumentation and the chemistries, in their ability to perform their own analytical tests, and in the quality of their test results.

That's the whole purpose behind the Hach Technical Training Center (HTTC)—to help participants explore the theories behind their analytical routines, master various laboratory techniques, and return to their jobs with increased understanding and confidence. By employing a hands- on approach to teach users more about their instrumentation, Hach Technical Training Center classes make for an invaluable resource in operator and analyst education.

Customized Training

Hach offers customized training
which is designed for your individual needs and taught at your location
or at the Hach Company facility in Loveland, Colorado. 
For more information or pricing, call: 1-800-227-4224 x2344 or email: httc@hach.com

Questions? Contact HTTC at 1-800-227-4224, #2344.

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We focus on  basic lab practices & methods, including:

  • Electrochemical
    • pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, etc
  • Colorimetry
    • chlorine, flouride, phosphate, nitrogen species, etc
  • Turbidity & Titration
    • alkalinity, hardness, chlorine etc

Who should attend?

Whether you deal with drinking water, wastewater or industrial applications, you'll find our classes useful for all levels of personnel.

  • Plant Operators
  • Instrument and Field Technicians
  • Laboratory Personnel
  • Plant Managers and Superintendents