TU5200 Laboratory Laser Turbidimeter Online Course

Product #: DL-TU5200-PRO
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The goal of this e-learning is to train new users on the Laboratory turbidity meter and how to work in their daily work. In the product training of the TU5200 we show you the installation of the turbidity meter. All about plumbing and adjustment of the flow.
In operation we explain
• How to operate TU5200 turbidity meter. This is an explanation of the user manual.
• How to calibrate the TU5200 is shown. Where to pay attention on calibration or verification of the turbidity meter. Compare lab and process turbidity results.
• Maintenance and Troubleshooting of the TU5200. We show you how to clean the vial compartment.
• We suggest you have a regular maintenance schedule.

We end this learning with a challenge. After completion of the course you understand how to operate the TU5200 turbidity meter.