Verification Quick Check for the FT660 sc

Product #: 6735500
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The Verification Quick Check (VQC) is a calibration verification standard for the FilterTrak 660 sc. This will allow the calibration to be checked in interim periods between wet calibrations. No sample cells to recondition to bring instrument back on line. No loss of sample flow to verify unit. Cleans up with a disposable wipe. No additional sample chambers required to verify unit. Only verification tool that will also tell you the condition (cleanliness) of the flow cell chamber. Never needs to be calibrated or recertified. Immersion methodology eliminates all stray light in the measurement. Long-life optical glass verification tool. Includes: Verification Quick Check dry standard, protective case, box of disposable wipes and an instruction sheet.

  • Fast-only 20 seconds to verify performance
  • Easy-self-indexing
  • Accurate-verifies calibration below 0.1 NTU (100 mNTU)
  • Convenient-No disposal or handling of chemistry
  • Repeatable-the most repeatable secondary standard ever developed for the market