Water System, Ultrapure, Millipore® Direct-Q® 3

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Designed for laboratories that do not have access to pretreated water and need between 1 and 10L of ultrapure water per day, the Direct-Q system delivers ultrapure (type I) and pure (type III) water on demand directly from tap water. Direct-Q offers superior ultrapure water for BOD applications and effectively eliminates source water as a cause of high blanks in BOD analysis. Other applications include TOC analysis, general laboratory use, and creation of Standard Solutions for Turbidity and Metals testing. DQ3 Purification pack also required and sold separately. Dimensions: 16.5" x 11.4" x 21.3" (LxWxH). 90–255V, 50–60 Hz.

  • Easy installation, intuitive operation
  • Maintenance offers simple cartridge change once or twice a year
  • Warning alarm in case of sudden drop in water quality
  • Pure or Ultrapure water from a tap water source
  • Ideal for laboratories that do not have easy access to pretreated water