Orbisphere 6110 Total O₂/CO₂ Package Analyser & Installation Kit

Product #: DG6110-SYS
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Total Package Analyzer for Oxygen & Carbon Dioxide measurements

The Orbisphere 6110 boasts the latest technology in final package analysis for measurements of Total Package Oxygen, Headspace Oxygen and Dissolved Oxygen; as well as dissolved Carbon Dioxide and Headspace Volume. It has been designed to meet the practical needs of both lab and at-line environments. The high-quality touch-screen facilitates measurement customization on all types and sizes of cans or bottles, as well as providing critical information on the health of the instrument. Utilization of this instrument has been proven to provide critical quality information of the final package, increasing process control and beverage quality.

  • Fast, Effective Operation
  • Reliable and Flexible
  • Gas Phase Measurement
  • Maximize the Uptime of your 6110 Total Package Analyzer

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