Regulatory Compliance

Stricter regulatory limits put pressure on compliance while potentially increasing resource usage.


Challenges such as population growth, tourism variation, and changing weather patterns, combined with ever stricter regulatory requirements, make it tough for facilities to meet necessary compliance standards.

Do you experience uncertainty in your influent stream?

Have you experienced any permit violations?

Do you sometimes overtreat to compensate for uncertainty in incoming water?

Do you struggle to get your regulatory reports done correctly and on time?

Find answers to these challenges in the following solutions:

Click here for information on Claros Instrument Management

Claros Instrument Management

Predictive diagnostics and guided maintenance ensure you are alerted before issues arise and that maintenance is performed correctly and on-time. This helps to ensure your readings are accurate and provides confidence that instruments are not going to be a cause of compliance concerns. LEARN MORE

Click here for information on Claros Data Management

Claros Data Management

Customizable data management solutions allow you to easily visualize your data to see trends and identify problems before they happen, reducing compliance risk. They also ensure calculations are done correctly, provide an audit trail for increased traceability, and make it easier to see your compliance status before the end of the month. When it’s time, Claros Data Management also seamlessly produces regulatory reports/eReports, including netDMR, MORs, SWTR reports, and CMDP. LEARN MORE


Claros Process Management

Manage your treatment processes in real time, keeping your facility compliant while ensuring efficient plant operation 24/7. LEARN MORE

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Security, Service, and Support

Data Security  is our priority. Hach is committed to protecting the integrity of your data, with comprehensive data security processes, continual evaluation, and best-in-class partners such as Microsoft Azure to ensure data sovereignity and to eliminate opportunities for external intrusion. From data generation to transmission, storage, and retrieval, Hach is committed to keeping your data safe, now and into the future. Learn More

Hach Support Online (HSO) pools more than 70 years of water analysis knowledge into a powerful global community. Flowing directly into our customer and technical support teams, this dynamic resource delivers real-time answers, user-friendly search tools, multiple types of content, and easy ways to connect with Hach experts. With HSO, you get the information you need and together, we can ensure water quality for people around the world.

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Hach Training Center provides relevant, hands-on training to your team, giving them the experience they need to master various theories and techniques—and produce results you can trust for quality assurance, environmental safety, and regulatory compliance. Hach experts offer a large course catalog of workshop training, personalized training, and digital learning designed to increase proficiency and confidence for plant operators, instrument and field technicians, laboratory personnel, and plant managers and superintendents.

Hach ServicePlus ® Programs have been developed to help solve your maintenance and support problems. Whether it’s a lack of resources or skills, an instrument that is down, compliance concerns or the need for a predictable budget, we have programs to fit the unique challenges you face in your organization.