Remote Operations

Managing equipment and processes in remote locations presents a unique set of challenges for operators.


Inefficiencies in routine satellite site visits become more obvious as pressure rises on staff resources and technologies advance. A remote view of instrument health and compliance risk allows operators to focus attention in the right place at the right time, saving hours of unnecessary travel and preventing operational and compliance problems.

 Do you spend a lot of time going to remote sites?

 Do you wish that you had complete visibility to your process and equipment before traveling out to the site?

 Do you wish you had peace of mind for processes in remote sites?

Find answers to these challenges in the following solutions:

Click here for information on Claros Instrument Management

Claros Instrument Management

Mobile Sensor Management gives the complete picture of your connected instruments including reading and status – know when instruments need attention and what’s going on before taking the long drive out to a remote site. LEARN MORE

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Claros Data Management

Use any web-enabled device to manually enter data with Claros Collect. It validates your data at the source of collection by triggering alerts when values are outside expected range. Once data is entered, it is immediately available to everyone - reducing transcription errors. No more waiting for field results to be entered at the end of the day. LEARN MORE


Claros Process Management

Claros Process Management systems take advantage of modern advancements in technology to safely provide remote monitoring on both instrument health and compliance risk. This allows operators to focus their attention on the right place at the right time, saving hours of unnecessary travel and preventing operational and compliance complications. By providing a clear window into process performance with built-in graphing functionality and meaningful, always-available process calculations, Claros Process Management greatly reduces the amount of reactive operator interventions and frees up time to perform pro-active operational support. LEARN MORE

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Security, Service, and Support

Data Security  is our priority. Hach is committed to protecting the integrity of your data, with comprehensive data security processes, continual evaluation, and best-in-class partners such as Microsoft Azure to ensure data sovereignity and to eliminate opportunities for external intrusion. From data generation to transmission, storage, and retrieval, Hach is committed to keeping your data safe, now and into the future. Learn More

Hach Support Online (HSO) pools more than 70 years of water analysis knowledge into a powerful global community. Flowing directly into our customer and technical support teams, this dynamic resource delivers real-time answers, user-friendly search tools, multiple types of content, and easy ways to connect with Hach experts. With HSO, you get the information you need and together, we can ensure water quality for people around the world.

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Hach Training Center provides relevant, hands-on training to your team, giving them the experience they need to master various theories and techniques—and produce results you can trust for quality assurance, environmental safety, and regulatory compliance. Hach experts offer a large course catalog of workshop training, personalized training, and digital learning designed to increase proficiency and confidence for plant operators, instrument and field technicians, laboratory personnel, and plant managers and superintendents.

Hach ServicePlus ® Programs have been developed to help solve your maintenance and support problems. Whether it’s a lack of resources or skills, an instrument that is down, compliance concerns or the need for a predictable budget, we have programs to fit the unique challenges you face in your organization.